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Recommendations on Giving Liquid Medicines


Oral liquid medications are those pourable liquids that comprise a mix of the active medication as well as substances utilized to sweeten, flavor, color, and bulk up the medication and enable it to mix in a solution or suspension. These kinds of medications such as those sold at a retail pharmacy in California are best suited for individuals who have a hard time taking tablets or capsules like kids and seniors.

  • Utilize oral syringes that have mL markings

    Oral syringes like those provided in the medications we buy in any independent pharmacy are the gold yardstick when the need for exact measurement of the medication dose is vital. They are used by healthcare professionals to get the exact measurement of medicine doses. It’s highly recommended to use an oral syringe that has mL markings indicated on it.

  • Ensure the markings match the required dose

    We should ensure that the markings on the oral syringe match the medication volume required to measure every dose. This plays an important part in medication adherence.

  • Don’t use a household spoon

    To foster accuracy in dosing, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) as well as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advise against the use of kitchen tablespoons or teaspoons which differ widely when it comes to volume.

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