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Proper Ways of Storing and Disposing Medications


The medicines bought over-the-counter such as those sold at a retail pharmacy in California play a vital role in keeping us healthy. They aid our body to combat various illnesses to keep our overall well-being. But they lose their desired effect if they are damaged, expired, or perhaps the packaging has been tampered with. These are recommended ways of storing medicines:

  • Keeping medications in a cool, dry place

    Medications should be put in a place that is cool, dry, and away from the light like a closet shelf, dresser, or kitchen cabinet as recommended by any independent pharmacy. Storing our medications in a bathroom cabinet may expose them to humidity as well as moisture which may reduce their effectiveness. Let’s also make sure that the medicines are out of children’s reach.

  • Determining when and how to dispose of medications

    We can check the prescription bottles like the ones used for auto refills as it’s indicated on the label when to discard the medications. For those medications without an expiration date, or if we cannot locate the expiration date, it’ll be better if we throw them away unless we know that we bought them within the last year.

  • Properly disposing of medications

    It’s recommended that the medications, including those refill prescription that we no longer use, require, or expire be disposed of in a way that safeguards our family, community, pets, and environment. We can discard medications by bringing them to drug take-back areas. Some medications can also be safely flushed down in the toilet. We can check The FDA Guide for Disposal of Unused Medicines for a complete reference.

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