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Incorporating Patient Preferences in Medication Reviews

Comprehensive medication reviews are a crucial component of medication therapy management (MTM) that help optimize medication use and improve patient outcomes. Traditionally, medication reviews have focused on clinical parameters such as drug interactions, dosages, and adherence. However, incorporating patient preferences, values, and goals into medication reviews is equally important to ensure patient-centered care and promote shared decision-making.

Incorporating patient preferences in medication reviews can be achieved through shared decision-making and including patient-reported outcomes (PROs). Shared decision-making involves actively involving patients in their medication therapy decisions, while PROs capture patients’ perspectives on their health status and treatment outcomes. These strategies allow patients to have a voice in their treatment plan and can lead to improved adherence and better treatment outcomes.

Healthcare providers, such as our pharmacy in Menifee, California, can use tools and questionnaires to assess patients’ preferences, values, and goals in medication therapy. These facilitate discussions on treatment options and enable patients to express their priorities. Providers can address beliefs, expectations, and concerns about medications, and barriers to adherence.

Incorporating patient preferences in medication reviews is essential for patient-centered care. Shared decision-making, patient-reported outcomes, and assessing patient preferences improve understanding and address patients’ needs. By involving patients and tailoring treatments to their preferences, providers promote adherence, improve outcomes, and enhance patient satisfaction and engagement in their healthcare journey.

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