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The Risks that Come with Self-medication


We all use medications to treat almost any type of medical ailment. However, to fully benefit from their healing power, it is always advised to follow the guidance of a medical professional.

Here at Lotus Pharmacy, we want to make sure you can heal the right way through our pharmacy in Menifee, California. We understand that many often administer medications without the guidance of health professionals. Let us discuss the risks when choosing this medication approach.

  • Unforeseen Interactions

    Medications can interact with other substances in your body. Many of these drug interactions can be avoidable. However, without the guidance of medical professionals, predicting these interactions can be difficult. Here in our independent pharmacy, you can consult with our professionals to ensure you can avoid harmful drug interactions.

  • Dangerous Effects

    While medications have the power to help us heal, they are still foreign substances. Taking them without the guidance of a medical professional puts you at risk of their harmful effects.

    The guidance of medical professionals gives you a full idea of how your medications can affect your health. Together with auto refills and consistent medication intake, you can avoid many of these dangerous effects.

  • Lack of Proper Treatments

    Our retail pharmacy in California also understands that extreme self-medication can deprive you of proper medical advice and care. Without the right care, healing can be difficult. Furthermore, you become at a higher risk of experiencing health complications.

We want you to regain your health the right way. If you are looking for quality pharmacy products and services, we are here for you. Feel free to Call us for your inquiries.


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