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Understanding Medication Labels


A medication label indicates the name of the drug, its manufacturer, and the strength of the dosage. It also contains active and inactive ingredients, which can be in a wide range of different forms. There is usually a bar code or product code for identifying each batch of medication made by the same manufacturer. It is critical to determine if there are any issues with contamination or improper storage during transportation.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all prescription medications indicate use, which includes what symptoms it treats and how to take them. There may also be directions on how to take the drug, warnings about possible side effects, and precautions to take before taking it.

Additionally, the independent pharmacy will print the patient’s name and the date they filled their prescription on the bottleā€”so that they can keep track of their progress over time and any changes in their condition requiring additional treatment options later down the road.

At Lotus Pharmacy, we understand that medication adherence can be overwhelming at times. That is why our team of experienced pharmacists is always here to help.

As a retail pharmacy in California, we pride ourselves on providing personalized care to each one of our patients.

Whether you have questions about how to stay on track with your prescriptions or want to sign up for auto refills, we are here to assist you.

Do not hesitate to contact our pharmacy in Menifee, California, for all your pharmacy needs.

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