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A Reliable Pharmacy in Our Community

A Reliable Pharmacy in Our Community

Having a reliable retail pharmacy that has everything that you and your loved ones need can often make or break the recovery period of patients, as well as give you the assurance that you will be able to procure whatever medicine that you need from them. That’s why Lotus Pharmacy is here to answer your call of need!

We are a pharmacy in Menifee, California, dedicated to serving our patients the best that we can. Our pharmacists can provide pharmaceutical advice to any questions that you might have for us, and strive to be compassionate to whoever asks their help.

As we are an independent pharmacy, we source our products from reliable and high-quality distributors depending on the needs of the local community. With our well-trained staff who adopt a positive mindset when on the job, you won’t have any worries coming to our pharmacy for your medicines. We’ll serve you with a smile!

Some of the services we have on offer are:

  • Automatic Prescription Refills

    auto refills are just that, they automatically top-up your prescriptions so you won’t have to worry about what prescription meds you’re close to running out medicine.

  • Medicine delivery

    our pharmacy offers free delivery to local customers, ensuring that the money you have prepared for your medicines is all that you need.

  • Vaccination/immunization

    we also provide immunization services to customers, ranging from influenza, varicella, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), rotavirus, and more.

If you are looking for a retail pharmacy in California, you can look no further than Lotus Pharmacy!

Contact us at 951-301-8868 for any inquiries and questions that you might have.

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