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Post-Partum Nutrition and Common Myths About It

post-partum-nutrition-and-common-myths-about-itMotherhood has a vital role in our society. Mothers bear children for the continuation of life and nation-building. Without them, it will be the end of human civilization. And that is why we need to take care of the mother pre and post-natal through food and health supplements from a pharmacy in Menifee, California.

However, there are some misconceptions about postpartum nutrition. These may cause a lack of nourishment for moms – which may also affect the baby later on, especially when nursing.

What are these myths?

  • Nourishment is only essential during pregnancy.
  • Postpartum nutrition and immunization apply when you have gestational diabetes and other pregnancy conditions.
  • You need a postpartum diet to lose the baby weight.
  • Post-natal nutrition only matters to heal the caesarian wound.

As a concerned independent pharmacy, we answer no to all these misconceptions. Nourishment is vital before, during, and after giving birth. It helps moms regain the nutrients they feed the baby in the womb and during breastfeeding. And Lotus Pharmacy stands for proper mom and child care.

So if you need vitamins, minerals, hygiene supplies, and other motherhood essentials, buy them at a dependable retail pharmacy in California.

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