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Challenges in Medication Therapy Management


Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a group of collaborative healthcare services provided to ensure the best therapeutic outcomes and reduce expenditures for patients. Patients with comorbidities, those with multiple medications, or patients requiring medication education or close monitoring can benefit from MTM. However, over the years, healthcare experts have reported challenges in implementing services. Let’s discuss some of these challenges and see how we can overcome them.

  • MTM and the Workflow of a Pharmacy in Menifee, California
    In a fast-paced environment where healthcare professionals deal with heaps of daily responsibilities, it’s becoming difficult for them to incorporate MTM into their current workload. This challenge also goes beyond limited time, excessive workload, and space limitations as it taps into the communication and support of other healthcare providers. Building an interdisciplinary team and nurturing communication among professionals will help a Retail Pharmacy in California manage complex patient-care services.
  • MTM and the Emerging Technology
    Several new medical technologies are being developed to improve the provision of care services in an Independent Pharmacy. However, integrating modern frameworks into healthcare services has not been easy. Documentation across healthcare systems has always been challenging due to the volume and velocity of gathered data and medical technology is continuously updated to cater to these data. Now, pharmacies can gradually introduce the latest tools to help their workforce provide quality medication reviews.

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