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Pros and Cons of Point-of-Care Testing


Point-of-care testing, also known as near-patient testing, is any clinical analysis testing services provided at the actual location of patients without the requisite of sending samples to laboratories. POC testing makes it easier for a Pharmacy in Menifee, California to extend accurate and quality healthcare services to those in need. Unlike medical tests provided in a core laboratory, POCT offers a faster turnaround time.

However, it’s salient to remember that POCT services provided by an Independent Pharmacy may not be for every patient. Weigh their pros and cons to see if this is the best form of testing for you.


  • POCT can be performed anytime and anywhere. Portable kits are widely available at Retail Pharmacy in California making POCT convenient and accessible.
  • POCT helps alleviate overcrowding by relatively speeding up the treatment of each patient.
  • POCT improves patients’ access to testing and treatments. With cheaper POCT devices to provide earlier diagnosis, patients can acquire appropriate treatment or an Immunization for better treatment outcomes.


  • POCT can be performed by anyone. Any pharmaceutical staff providing Medication Reviews may perform POCT; trained or untrained.
  • Results may be affected by the storage of POCT kits and reagents. POCT supplies and reagents that are not properly stored at home are more likely to produce erroneous results. In the same sense, deteriorated POCT supplies may affect diagnoses and treatments.

You can bank on Lotus Pharmacy to provide the best and quality point-of-care testing and other pharmaceutical services in California. Our pharmacy is embodied by skilled pharmacists who are well-versed in the provision of POC testing and Medication Reconciliation. We are happy to serve you.

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