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Common Reasons Behind Medication Non-adherence


Physicians prescribe medications to patients, including the dose and length of the regimen. The goal is to finish the regimen without skipping doses. However, there are instances that patients do not follow medication adherence due to several reasons.

What are the reasons why patients skip their medications? As a retail pharmacy in California, allow us at Lotus Pharmacy to enumerate these reasons.

  • Forgetfulness.

    Forgetting to take medications on time is a common reason, especially for those taking more than one drug. For this reason, patients need assistance with medication reminders to avoid non-adherence.

  • Lack of medication supply.

    This is a reason for those patients who do not have a near independent pharmacy. When their trusted pharmacy does not have the supply of their desired medication, they will look for other pharmacies. It will be a problem if there are no other nearby pharmacies around.

  • Loss of symptoms.

    Some patients stop taking medications because they are already feeling better. As a trusted pharmacy in Menifee, California, we discourage this practice. Ending the regimen earlier causes more health problems. For instance, not finishing the course of antibiotics increases the risk of antibiotic resistance.

If you or your loved one need to take medications, perform the necessary steps to avoid non-adherence. You can expect an efficient outcome after finishing the whole course of treatment.

If you worry about losing your medicine supply, do not worry. You can rely on our services. We also offer medication synchronization to our clients. We can refill your medications so you can pick them up on a single day every month. Call our pharmacy for more details about our services.

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