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All About Tetanus: Its Complications and Vaccine


Before our article tackles tetanus vaccines, you need to know about the primary agent of tetanus. Clostridium tetani is the primary pathogen that causes tetanus infection. Contrary to popular belief, the bacteria responsible for tetanus are abundant in the soil. You may get the bacteria from an infected rusty nail. If you suspect that you have the bacteria, it’s time for you to have an immunization.

If you suspect your wound is infected, you have to receive a vaccine or TIG to avoid complications. Thankfully, our retail pharmacy in California has a vaccine against Clostridium tetani.

Mild complications may include nervous system problems like muscle spasms, lockjaw, and other symptoms as the bacteria produce tetanus toxins inside your body. Thus, when you or your loved one has a wound, take action by seeking the nearest independent pharmacy that offers the tetanus vaccine.

If you don’t seek immediate medical help, you may suffer from more complicated problems like difficulties breathing, hypertension, neck stiffness, and swallowing problems. Complete recovery might take longer than expected.

In case you need vaccines for different purposes, you may contact our pharmacy in Menifee, California. We offer other shots for tetanus, influenza, diphtheria, and other illnesses.

We also provide free delivery for clients in the local area. To learn more about our services, please contact us at Lotus Pharmacy.

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