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Flu Immunization: How the Vaccine Works

Flu Immunization: How the Vaccine Works

If you want to protect your child from getting the flu, the best option you have is to get a flu shot at the nearby pharmacy in California or at your doctor’s clinic. Getting a flu shot is a proven and tested preventive measure one can take, after all. This is especially so when the flu season is right around the corner.

So how does the flu immunization works?

Firstly, the purpose of the flu vaccine is to stimulate your immune system to produce the antibodies your body needs to fight against the flu. Thus, it is definitely recommended to get the flu vaccine from a nearby independent pharmacy or doctor’s clinic before the flu season comes so you’ll have your antibodies ready.

The vaccine is responsible for building up your immunity against the said disease. You need to give it up to two weeks to build up your immunity, though.

The flu shot won’t be signalling your body to produce antibodies forever, though. In fact, it will start to taper off around two months later. This means that your flu protection will start to wear off around that time. With that in mind, it is thus highly recommended that you take your flu shot yearly.

Getting the flu shot is your best bet for lowering the risk of acquiring the flu and suffering from flu complications. Note that most flu complications can get you hospitalized!

Lotus Pharmacy is your trustworthy retail pharmacy in Menifee, California when it comes to flu shots. Be sure to talk to our pharmacist ahead of time if you want to schedule the immunization for your entire family.

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