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Will Sanitation Remove the Need for Immunization?

Is There No Need for Immunization As Long As There's Proper Sanitation?

Did you know that the rising number of people who are against vaccination has caused an alarming increase in cases of vaccine-preventable diseases? Measles, for example, were already considered eradicated in 2002. However, more than 600 cases were reported in 2014. Health experts say that these cases were all contributed by parents who refused to vaccinate their children.

With the benefits of vaccines, why do parents suddenly don’t want to have anything to do with it? Well, there are a few misconceptions about immunization that parents believe in. These misconceptions are what keeps them away from getting even the free flu shot from the nearby pharmacy in California.

One of the major misconceptions that many people believe in is this: “Diseases will disappear even without vaccines as long as proper hygiene and sanitation are observed.”

But would it, really?

Sanitation was never any better before the 1990s when periodic peaks and drops can be observed in the number of Influenza Type B cases. The permanent drop happened when the vaccine was introduced back in 1985 – and sanitation and hygiene still weren’t any better back then!

More than that, can you really ensure that your child stays 100% hygienic and sanitized 24 hours a day, seven days a week? No. But if you get the right vaccine from your doctor or visit the pharmacist at the nearby retail pharmacy in Menifee, California, you’ll have a much higher fighting chance against vaccine-preventable diseases.

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