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How Pharmacies Help During the Pandemic

How Pharmacies Help During the Pandemic

Life-saving prescriptions are coming from our trusted pharmaceutical stores across the country. As our time demands, independent pharmacy outlets become more helpful in treating flu-like symptoms for our families, friends, and neighbors. How do pharmacies specifically help us in fighting against an unseen enemy?

  • Pharmacies continue serving our community.
    Medication stores, such as your reliable retail pharmacy in Menifee, California, continually provide immunizations, vaccinations, delivery and refill services, and other services for your pharmaceutical needs. Amidst the threat of the coronavirus disease, the production and supply of drugs and medical equipment sustain pharmacy stores.
  • Pharmacists help in discovering potential vaccines.
    This is not necessarily the duty of your family pharmacy in California. However, veteran pharmacists in the country help search for a potential vaccine to manage the spread of the coronavirus disease. Medical experts from various fields continually collaborate to find a way to contain the virus and heal our people suffering from the disease.

We, at Lotus Pharmacy, are your partners in delivering quality and effective prescriptions for mild and serious illnesses during this global health crisis. Our pharmacy offers Medication Therapy Management (MTM), administration of psychotropic long-acting injectables, and a lot more. Feel free to visit our store or give us a call at 951-301-8868. We are here to serve you.

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