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How to Prevent Harmful Drug Interactions


Proper medication adherence and management are essential for a successful recovery from a short-term illness or for managing a chronic condition. Mistakes with medication cannot only cause unpleasant side effects, but they can also render the medication ineffectively and cause serious health problems and other complications.

As your trusted retail pharmacy in California, we have gathered some tips to help prevent harmful drug interactions:

  • Keep a list of your medications.

    Even if you have no problem remembering to take your medication, it is always best to have a detailed list. This list should contain vital information, such as the brand and generic name of your meds, dosage, and other instructions. This list can be brought to doctor visits to ensure you get the proper medications and reduce the risk of drug interactions.

  • Communicate with your care providers.

    Your physician may recommend the correct medication, but sometimes, prescription drugs can cause unforeseen reactions. Hence, it is best to stay in touch with your physician – do not hesitate to call if you are concerned that your medications are not interacting well.

  • Choose one pharmacy and stick to it.

    When you are taking multiple medications and each of them is filled by various pharmacies, it can feel overwhelming to manage all of them. Instead, choose an independent pharmacy you can rely on for all your prescription needs. It makes it easier to fill your prescriptions and prevents negative drug interactions.

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