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Strategies to Get Children to Take Their Medicine


Do you sometimes struggle with getting your kids to take their medicine? If you do, you are not alone. When children start their new medication with a bad experience, taking their medication can be a continual challenge. Just like immunization, however, taking their medicine is necessary to treat symptoms and improve their health.

As a retail pharmacy in California, we will share strategies to encourage your child to take his or her medication:

  • Allow some level of control.

    If your child is old enough, explain why they need to take their medicine and how it will help. If there is the option of choosing flavors, let your child choose. You can also prepare them in advance by practicing giving medicine to a stuffed animal. It gives children a greater sense of control and encourages them to take their medicine willingly.

  • Maintain a positive attitude.

    When you approach the situation with a positive attitude, your child is more likely to follow instructions. When your child takes their medicine without a struggle, do not forget to praise them. In addition to verbal praise, you can also give a visual reward that will motivate them to continue taking their medicine.

  • Get help from your care provider.

    Some medications taste better than others, and some can be provided twice a day instead of four times. Your doctor may recommend medication that tastes better or are more concentrated. Your independent pharmacy can also assist and coordinate your child’s prescription with your care provider.

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