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Important Details You Need to Discuss with Your Pharmacist


With nearly 70% of Americans taking at least one prescription medicine, it’s important to learn more about medication management. Staying informed about drug interactions, side effects, and proper storage improve medication adherence. To help you stay on the path to better health, we at Lotus Pharmacy will share the details you should discuss with your pharmacist:

  • Personal information
    A highly important detail to discuss with your pharmacist is your personal information which includes your address and phone number. This information is relevant in case your local pharmacy in California needs to contact you regarding any issues or concerns with your medications. Your pharmacist may also need to contact your physician to discuss specifics about your prescription or to discuss your treatment plan.
  • Do’s and don’ts of your prescription
    Your prescription will usually come with a set of instructions from your physician. To learn more about your medication, you can always discuss its dos and don’ts with your pharmacist. This includes dosage, schedule, and which foods, drinks, and activities to avoid while on your medication.
  • Drug history and current medications
    When refilling your prescription at an independent pharmacy, make sure to disclose your drug history and any medications you are currently using. This should include prescriptions, supplements, and over-the-counter drugs. Disclosing this information helps prevent adverse side effects and potentially harmful drug interactions.

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