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Important Matters to Discuss with Your Pharmacist


When you have been prescribed a new medication, it is essential to stay informed about its potential side effects, drug interactions, and ways to enhance your medication adherence. Your pharmacist is an important resource that can provide medication reviews and medication therapy management to ensure you are on the right path to better health.

As your go-to retail pharmacy in California, we will discuss the important matters you should talk about with your pharmacist:

  • The difference between generic and brand drugs

    Brand name medications are the patented name of the drug, while generic drugs refer to the medication produced after the active ingredient of the brand name drug. Although these are sold under different brand names, they contain the same active ingredients. So, while you might be able to see the difference between generic versus brand name medication, your body cannot.

  • Potential side effects

    All medications have potential side effects, and it’s important to be aware of them. Side effects can vary with factors including gender and age. Hence, do not hesitate to ask your trusted pharmacist at your local independent pharmacy about potential side effects and disclose any adverse reactions you may be experiencing.

  • Things to avoid while taking the medication

    Some medications have specific instructions on when and how to take them. For instance, some medications aren’t advised to take on an empty stomach, while others are safe to consume with alcoholic drinks. Knowing this information is essential to avoid health risks and to ensure the best health outcome.

Lotus Pharmacy is an established pharmacy in Menifee, California. We offer several pharmacy services that range from medication therapy management to on-site vaccinations. Reach out to us for inquiries about your prescription.

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