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Is Self-Medication Truly Safe?


Medications are incredibly powerful for achieving strong health. This is often why medication is almost always part of every recovery plan.

As a retail pharmacy in California, we want everyone to experience strong health through medications. However, some achieve the opposite when they heavily practice self-medication. How does this habit endanger your overall health?

Self-medication is the practice of taking medications without the guidance or advice of a medical professional. We all do this to some extent in the form of taking OTC medications. These drugs are available at any independent pharmacy.

In many cases, self-medication through OTC drugs helps you control your ailments early, preventing illnesses from complicating any further.

It is vital to keep in mind that medications are still foreign substances that can be damaging when taken improperly. The lack of expert advice raises the risk of improper medication intake.

Self-medication can hurt your health slowly but surely, or it can inflict immediate damage. Some medications can even threaten death.

If you have an existing medication, adopting self-medication practices can also mess up your medication adherence. A compromised medication treatment essentially hinders you from healing.

Additionally, when you self-medicate, you are not getting medical advice from the right healthcare professionals. This directly stops you from getting the right treatment for your conditions.

Self-medication essentially puts your health at further risk of deterioration. To achieve the best health outcomes, always consult with your health providers.

If you need the right medications to meet your health needs, call us here at Lotus Pharmacy. Our pharmacy in Menifee, California, has the products and services to supplement your healing. Call us today for your inquiries!

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