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Looking Out for Medication Interactions


Drugs can interact with other medications you are taking, food and beverages you intake, or with existing medical conditions. These interactions are common when you are taking several medications, are seeing more than one doctor, or have certain health conditions. As a pharmacy in California, we often warn our customers of possible medication interactions.

Medication interactions can cause the following:

  • A decreased effectivity in the drugs you are taking
  • Unexpected side effects
  • Increased action to a particular drug

When taking multiple drugs at the same time, it helps to get them from one independent pharmacy so your pharmacist can warn you of possible drug interactions. It also helps to ask the following questions beforehand:

  • How do I take this drug properly?
  • Can I take this with other drugs?
  • Should I avoid certain foods, beverages, or other products?
  • What are the possible drug interaction signs I should look out for?
  • How will this work in my body and what are possible side effects to look out for?

Do you need a retail pharmacy in Menifee, California to refill your prescriptions and to check for possible drug interactions in the medications you are taking? You can come and visit us at Lotus Pharmacy. We help our customers attain a better quality of life with extensive pharmaceutical services.

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