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Vitamins You Need for Post-Partum Recovery

Vitamins You Need for Post-Partum Recovery

Motherhood, albeit an exhilarating experience, can cause distress to parents, especially to the mother. Post-partum recovery tends to be diverse among women. Some experience abdominal pains, hormonal shifts, bleeding, postpartum edema, weight loss, baby blues, among others; while others don’t. On that same note, mothers who experience the stress of post-partum either adapt to these stressors well or not at all.

The health and soundness of mothers is of utmost importance as they are the light of the home. And as your trusted Pharmacy in Menifee, California, we want to make sure that mothers who trust our services recover their overall health. They need vitamins and minerals to get through their daily stressors. Here are some of the vitamins mothers need to recover from post-partum stress.

  • Vitamin B Complex
    Vitamin B is the building block of the body. This helps with energy production and improves the mother’s immune system. Vegan mothers are advised to consult a doctor before getting vitamin B supplements from a Retail Pharmacy in California.
  • Iron
    This is especially important to reduce the mother’s risk of anemia and for breastfeeding mothers. When breastfeeding, mothers contribute to the iron supply of their babies which is essential in their development.
  • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)
    This is a type of omega-2 fatty acid that helps mothers become less vulnerable to post-partum depression. Expecting mothers may stock up on DHA supplements from an Independent Pharmacy and by following a well-balanced diet.

Lotus Pharmacy has a wide selection of vitamins and supplements our mothers need among our other services. We offer Immunization and Medication Synchronization around California.

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