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Making Use of Medication Reminders


Medications are some of the most impactful factors when treating a condition. You have better chances of healing from your health conditions with the effects of the right medications.

However, as a retail pharmacy in California, we know that these medications work best when taken as prescribed. Taking your medications at the right time optimizes their power to heal you.

To experience this, you need to make use of an array of reminders. Here are some of the best ways to remind yourself to take your medications:

  • The classic alarm

    Setting different alarms is always great for reminding you to do tasks. You can choose to set various alarms on your phones. Many phone applications also keep you on track with your medication intake.

    You can also go for a tablet organizer with programmable alarms. These may be available in an independent pharmacy in your area. Through these devices, you will never miss taking your medications.

  • Help from loved ones or caretakers
    Of course, you can always ask for help from your loved ones or caretakers when managing your medications. They can help keep track of your intake and even remind you when it is time to these meds. Also, make sure you get auto refills to avoid any discrepancies.
  • Habit stacking
    Habit stacking is the process of using one habit to facilitate another. Place your medications near something you use every single day. When you use these objects, you are reminded of your medications.

We are more than ready to supplement your journey to maximum health here at Lotus Pharmacy. Our pharmacy in Menifee, California, is prepared to help supply you with the medications and other services for your healing. Call us today for your inquiries!

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