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Taking Medicine After or With Food


Have you ever wondered why doctors frequently advise you to take your medication after eating or with your food? Well, Lotus Pharmacy is here to talk about exactly that.

Sure enough, once we’re done talking about this, you may just start being more careful when you take your meds. Take a look:

  • Reduce nausea and vomiting
    Some medicines such as allopurinol and bromocriptine can cause nausea and vomiting. Eating before taking them will help reduce this nasty side effect.
  • Reducing stomach irritation
    Yes, even FDA-approved medicines here at our Independent Pharmacy can still irritate your stomach. Eating food such as sandwiches or biscuits will help prevent the irritation from happening.
  • Treating your acid problems
    Medicines such as antacids that help prevent heartburn, reflux, etc, are best taken immediately after or during a meal.
  • To make sure it is absorbed into your bloodstream properly
    Some medications at our Retail Pharmacy in Menifee, California require the patient to have food in their stomach and gut for their body to absorb them properly. HIV medicines are examples of this.

If you need more information about your medication. Give our Pharmacy in California a call. We’re always happy to help. Dial 951-301-8868 to get in touch.

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