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The Wrong Way to Handle Your Medication


Simply putting your medication away is not enough to maintain its quality. You have to keep in mind that the conditions around your medication can damage them.

If you don’t want to end up with a stomachache, an allergic reaction, or simply having to make frequent trips to a Pharmacy in California because the ones you had started to look “watery”, stop storing them in the wrong places!

Lotus Pharmacy wants only the best for you. So here are places you should never store your medicine in:

  • Bathroom
    Heat, humidity, and temperatures change frequently in bathrooms. This can damage your medication and decrease its effectiveness.

  • Putting old medication behind new ones
    Older medicines may be closer to their expiry than new units. You need to keep a lookout for those that are near their expiry and put those in front.

  • Taking them out of their original packaging
    We know you want to use those cute pillboxes, but taking your medication out of their bottles exposes them to the environment and bacteria.

Running low on your supply? Visit our Retail Pharmacy in Menifee, California to restock. We’ve got everything you need. Our staff can also help you find the best ways to store your medicine.

If you need specific medicines, but you’re unsure if our Independent Pharmacy has them in stock, just dial 951-301-8868.

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