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We Will Ensure Your Health and Safety at All Times


As a retail pharmacy in California, our goal is to assist and guide patients toward the healthiest life possible; from offering expert pharmaceutical advice to on-site vaccinations, our compassionate services here at Lotus Pharmacy are available and ready to take care of your healthcare needs so you can live better!

Medications, whether over-the-counter or through a healthcare provider’s prescription, have genuinely changed people’s lives; back then, illnesses were more at risk of becoming severe because the appropriate medicines were unavailable. Now, with innovation in these modern times, medication saves lives, but it can also have its side effects, and here at our independent pharmacy, we work hard to help you avoid such consequences on your well-being.

Medication reconciliation is a process that consistently ensures the safety of patients by reviewing their medications during their time of admission at a hospital and as their time of discharge comes near. It is a service we offer as part of our medication therapy and management program that protects patients as they receive professional care for their health conditions.

With this service that we offer, we aim to prevent the occurrence of any errors that can harm your health. Conduct thorough medication reviews and check for any inaccurate or incomplete information on a patient’s medication history, miscommunication between healthcare providers, and changes in medication regimes. We do whatever is possible to maximize medication management and improve every patient’s health.

You deserve to feel safe under the skillful hands of professional healthcare workers, and our pharmacy in Menifee, California, assures you that you will receive only the best pharmaceutical services for a better quality of life! Contact us today for inquiries at 951-301-8868 or lotuspharmacy.rx@gmail.com.


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