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Why Timing Is Important in Getting Your Flu Shot


You already know that getting a flu shot every year is necessary, but did you also know that you need to get it at the right time to make sure you are fully protected?

Most of it has to do with how the vaccine works. Thus, before we at Lotus Pharmacy, as your partner in health and the community’s preferred retail pharmacy in Menifee, California, enumerate the reasons why, here are some key facts you must know first:

  1. The flu vaccine is always a new formulation every season.
  2. The formulation of the season’s flu vaccine depends on the strains that according to research will be the most active for the upcoming season.
  3. The effectiveness of your flu shot will slowly cease throughout the year.

So with that set, why is timing your flu shot important? Here are the reasons:

  • Antibodies need time to develop in the body. It takes approximately 2 weeks for this to happen. This means that you need to prepare ahead before the flu season starts.
  • The influenza activity typically peaks between December and February. This means that you must get your flu shot before this time. The CDC recommends it by the end of October.
  • Getting vaccinated later than is ideal puts your loved ones, friends, and the people around you at a higher risk.

That said, as your trusted independent pharmacy, we would like to emphasize that a late vaccine is still better than no vaccine. So, don’t think that it will be useless to get your flu shot now.

You can easily get your flu shot from your pharmacy in California, your doctor’s clinic, and your other preferred healthcare settings.

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