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Important Questions You Must Ask Your Pharmacist


Pharmacists are not only professionals who can dispense your medication. They are also your partners in health. This means that you can ask their help so you can fully understand how to take your medications and address issues you may be having that prevent you from taking them as prescribed.

But if you are not used to involving your independent pharmacy in your medication routine, you may find asking your pharmacist challenging.

Thus, we’ve listed down some of the most important questions you can ask your pharmacist the next time you visit your pharmacy in California.

  • Does my medication cause any major side effects?
    While you can see the side effects printed in the paper in the box of your medication, asking your pharmacist will point you to what’s the most common side effect experienced by others.
  • Should I take my medication with or without food?
    Some medications work better without food, while some medications can cause an upset stomach.
  • Is there a generic version of my medication?
    A generic version is cheaper than a branded one and usually has the same effects considering that they have the same active ingredients, too.
  • Is it okay to stop taking my medication once I feel better?
    Generally, this is a simple no. However, some doctors would prescribe more than what is needed. To make sure, ask your pharmacist.

Feel free to ask any and all of these questions when you visit us in our retail pharmacy in Menifee, California at Lotus Pharmacy.

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